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Duet is the first in the TOTEMS series by contemporary sculptor David Mills. Each Duet TOTEM is made up of two enameled steel pieces that mount as one sculpture. Duet comes in several sizes and color combos. Please contact me with size and color inquiries. 
This item is hand made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your sculpture to be skillfully fabricated. 

Inspired by the pursuit of enlightenment and understanding my/our place and purpose in the universe. Fueled by my rudimentary understanding of string theory and quantum mechanics. That at the core of everything is a vibration of energy. And that itself is what we all share with nature and the cosmos. Pure energy. The sculptures are my expression of the above through the use of sin waves relative to the frequency measurements of several musical notes. Primarily harmonic and within the audible human range. (256-440hz).

Duet - Erthe

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This piece is handmade to order. Allow 3-4 weeks for custom fabrication and delivery.
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