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About The Artist


David Mills is a renowned mixed media artist and sculptor who creates intricate and thought-provoking works of art. With a background in graphic design and a fine art education from the University of Maryland University College, David has a keen eye for composition and a mastery of various mediums. His diverse skill set includes expertise in oil painting, collage, metal sculpture, wood, and concrete. Drawing inspiration from his experiences and surroundings, David seamlessly blends different mediums to create dynamic pieces that engage the viewer on multiple levels. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries and collections throughout the United States, challenging audiences with his stunning and thought-provoking pieces. His work has been accepted in numerous exhibits including the following:



ArtUsCo, Austin, TX

David Anthony Fine Art, Taos, NM (current)

Xanadu Gallery of Contemporary art (current)

Art Affair Gallery, Lakeway, TX
Discovery Gallery, Bethesda, MD

Pigota @ Big Medium - Austin, TX
VUKA Coop gallery - West Austin Studio Tour, Austin TX
Austin Art Post - East Austin Studio Tour, Austin TX
Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC
Artomatic, Washington, DC
The Artists Museum, Washington, DC
Annual Faculty Exhibition, University of Maryland Art Gallery
Annual Student Exhibition, Corcoran Gallery of Art/ Whitewalls Gallery Semi-Annual Student Exhibition, University of Maryland Art Gallery Student Faculty Exhibition, University of Maryland Art Gallery
Mill River Gallery, Ellicott City
Howard County Arts Council 


Founding member Austin Artists at Work

Corcoran Gallery of Art

Charter member Austin Working Artists 



Tel: 202-276-6645   |

About The Work


My new art series titled "Frequency Aesthetic" delves into the fascinating world of sound frequencies, examining the potential to present them in a visually striking two and three-dimensional format. I aim to create representations of sound waves that mimic the effects on the brain that listening to the same frequencies would have. I’ve become fascinated by mathematical and scientific principles related to sound and frequency. I am extremely excited to explore their intersection through visual art.

This series began with a few questions that set me on a path of inquiry: what if all living beings, matter, and everything else in existence are either in harmony or discord with one another, relative to universal resonant frequencies? Could we manipulate these frequencies to bring everything into or out of phase with one another, and how might this impact our health and environment? Could emotions be physical reactions to sympathetic harmonic resonance? My current work takes a deep dive into these thought-provoking questions, examining the possibility that we are all connected through an intangible web of frequencies.

I explore the correlation between these universal frequencies and the omnipresent naturally occurring mathematical principles of Phi, Fibonacci, and the golden mean, seeking to show that we are all one massive unit made up of infinite individual parts.


Canvas Rebel: Meet David Mills


We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful David Mills. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with David below.

Hi David, thanks for joining us today. Was there an experience or lesson you learned at a previous job

that’s benefited your career afterwards?

One of my first jobs after high school was at a lawn care maintenance facility in Rockville, MD. As the new guy, I got assigned all the jobs you might expect. I loaded and unloaded trucks, repaired equipment, made bank runs, filled in for absent service techs, stocked shelved, took inventory…. you get the picture. I couldn’t have been more than a week in when the Vice President cornered me and asked me to follow him to the rest room. He told me that (in addition to the other tasks) I was... READ FULL ARTICLE.

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