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The Artist

​David studied art at the University of Maryland University College and the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. before returning to teach at U.M.U.C. Over the 30 years that make up David's creative career he has acquired a comprehensive repertoire of work that encompasses many genre and media...

Frequency Aesthetic

In this latest series I take a look at sound frequencies in an attempt to present them in two and three dimensions. I'm particularly interested in exploring the possibility of presenting representations of sound waves that mimic the effects on the brain that listening to the same frequencies would have. Although my background is not in science or mathematics, I am fascinated by both and am extremely excited to explore these themes through visual media.

It all started with the question:

What if, all animals, all matter, all everything is either in harmony or in discord with one another relative to universal resonant frequencies? What if any or all of it could be manipulated to be in or out of phase with one another? How would this affect our environment and our health? What if fear, love, hate, excitement and intuition are physical reactions to sympathetic harmonic resonance? How could we use this information to better manage our time and place in the universe?


My current work takes on these questions examining the possibility that we all may be intangibly connected through an infinite network of frequencies. I examine the correlation between these universal frequencies, the circadian rhythm and the naturally occurring mathematical principle of Phi, Fibonacci and the golden mean. This new series uses a variety of audio and visual media including; conventional sound devices, vinyl records, and musical instruments as well as sonic and electromagnetic wave elements to express this concept.

My aim is to show that we are all one massive unit made up of in nite individual parts. My challenge will be proving it aesthetically. 

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Rust In Peace

In 2009 I was greatly impacted by the economic downturn in the United States followed by the US auto industry implosion. This series is a result of that condition. In an attempt to express this failing while celebrating the champions of our American Automobile culture that once drove our economy, I set off abstracting images of classic and iconic American autos. The use of corrosive materials and processes adds an element that actively ages and decays some of the works. Many of the works are actually rusting in place. Each mixed media painting is extremely cropped and abstracted creating a thought provoking narrative. These paintings capture the decay of the legendary hallmarks of some of these brands while celebrating America's potential and innovation.

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